Thursday, March 24, 2011

He Melts My Heart

Once again I am super impressed with Jenny from Black Pearl Photography...she was amazing with Grey and spent the time getting him comfortable as well as being patient with his nap-less moods!

Monday, February 28, 2011


Finally pictures of Grey's bedroom...

He takes naps in the crib but sleeps in our room at night (co-sleeper).
This crib was given to my parents by their neighbors and passed to me.

The rocker was left by the previous homeowners in the carport. 
So I cleaned the wood and my mom had the fabric dry cleaned. 
She also got new foam for the cusions.

The closet is thankfully large enogh to hold most of the required baby items.
It has nice built in shelfs for orginization.

 We bought an 8-drawer dresser from ikea instead of a changing table.
We figured it would get the most long term use and it has been great.
Thus, this is used as the changing area, the most used spot in his room.
The item hanging in the corner of the picture is a wind chime thing that I made in elementary school.
It is glazed ceramic and Grey love love loves it, glad my mom held onto this.

His room is sort of owl themed. 
I picked several of these up and was given quite a few.
The blue one is a bank and the little green and red ones are salt and pepper shakers
They watch over my baby.

The sleeping Z's I made and bring in some of the blue and browns that accent his green walls.

My mom made this quilt for Grey to go with his themed room.
Owls, blue, brown & Green
Below are some close ups of the quilt.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

 Grey is 6 months old!
Quick Stats
Weight: 18.47 lbs - puts him at the 67th percentile (couldn't be happier with this)
Height: 29.53 inches - which is off the chart (same size as a 12 month baby)

Head: 17.7cm - puts him at the 82nd percentile (must not have his dads head...haha)

Things To Remember:
-Rolls over from his left and right sides
-Sleeps a good 7+ hours at night
-Goes to sleep by himself in the co-sleeper
-Eats like a champ most of the time (still pumping for milk)
-Eats a variety of foods (Carrots, Squash, Sweet Potatos, Peas, Prunes, Rice Cereal, Oatmeal)
-Smiles all the time and laughs at us often (I like to think he got his easy smiling from me)
-Sits up well until he moves his legs or reaches for something
-Loves to stand...prefers it actually...can stand on his own holding onto the couch until he gets too excited

-Got his first tooth on the 10th of February and his second came in on the 21st.
-Loves the song "once I was a snowman", this stops his whinning immediately to listen
            -Also likes "when daddy comes home" and "popcorn popping"  (not sure if these are the exact titles)
-Loves listening to any and all music, so Pandora is our new friend (Disney, Classic Broadway & Irish Pub)
-Laughs at Colby all the time
-Gets invaded by the "wiggle worms" more often than not
-Whines and complains when we sit down to dinner...we rarely enjoy our dinner in peace
-Greatest joy in my life and always brings a smile to my face.

What a joy and blessing Grey is to me.  I am such a proud mama and think he is the cutest kid out there!  These last 6 months have been a whirl wind, but worth every tear, laugh, and smile from all parties involved.

Love you my Angel!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I love Christmas decorations!!!
This year I had a blank slate, our new house!
Decorations from our apartment days were recycled throughout the house; however there just wasn't enough to go around.  I went shopping and idea hunting. 
The fruits of my labor...
Three times handed down Christmas tree

My less than tradition Christmas tree topper

Our stockings are hung in hopes that St. Nicolas will come!

Window in TV room and front door
Table Decor

Front door adornment made by me :)
(Instead of a wreath)


For and overall look of...
(Instead of a chandelier)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Blessing

We blessed little Grey in our home on Sunday (12-12-10). What a wonderful occasion to have a very large gathering of family and friends in our home. This was the first time that most of my family had seen our home, and it looked so cute decorated for Christmas!

I had my dad, Todd Tanner, conduct and bless Grey.
Grey's great grandfather, Dick Vail, gave the opening prayer.
We were joined by our new wards Bishop, First Counselor, and Elder Quorum President.
Also in attendance was my old bishop, Terry Smith, he also married Colby and me over 4 years ago.
We had a large circle of righteous Elders, so large that not everyone could touch Grey. The circle included those mentioned above as well as other great grandfathers, uncles, and great uncles. I couldn't have been prouder of all the men who shared in this spiritual experience.

Grey, my usually happy smiling baby, except when he gets tired (fusses only a little before falling asleep) decided that he would use a new "scream" cry the entire blessing, instead of just going to sleep like normal. It could have been all the people, the noise, the hot room, or another thing that made this moment a little less than desirable. None the less I could feel the spirit and my dad gave him a wonderful blessing! (He went to sleep very shortly after the actual blessing was over, of course) I spoke a little afterwards sharing some spiritual experiences and of course I cried. When I was done shedding tears, Colby’s Uncle Mike gave the closing prayer and blessed the food.

We had a great assortment of delicious foods that were kindly prepared by family and friends.
Soup was the main attraction; minestrone, cheddar potato and enchilada. There were breads of all assortments, a large array of fresh fruit, a berry salad, veggie tray, and tons of delicious desserts! So with a crowd of ~54 people we did a number on the food, actually it was the perfect amount (not too many left overs).

It was so great to have so many people supporting our little family and making the time to share in this experience with us. I am so lucky to have loving family and friends. My husband is amazing, he and Grey have a special bond and I love watching him with the babe. It was a delightful and exhausting evening but will be very memorable.

I have been blessed with the most adorable little guy who brings a smile to my face so often that my face gets tired ;) He smiles easily and loves to have or be part of the conversation. What a blessing and trial motherhood has been, but i wouldn't change these experiences for anything. Sending loves to my little one!

Some photos from the event...

He is cute...I am...yuck!
Our little family
Some of our supporters